Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Afraid of Heights?

This is a part of the Pell City Fire Academy, "Training Alabama's Finest."

You have to be brave to run up into this building, even moreso, a burning building you are less familiar with. There are not many tall buildings in Pell City, so now you know the Fire Department can handle any size building. The hospital may be the tallest (ah, future picture idea).

There is more to the Fire Academy, but this is the part that first grabs your attention. It reminds me of the time I tried to put an addition on our house. Word of advice: call a professional.

Ok, that is the last Fire Department picture for awhile.

Cool photo!
station one is my other home...all the firemen are like family to me...also the ones at staions 2,3,and 4. ive grown up with most of lots of pictures of them holding me when i was just a few months old. lots of fond memories at the firestaions... they are the best firemen ever. love yall guys. oh, and repelling off the tower at st. 1 is awesome...
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