Sunday, August 21, 2005



Every day the Amtrak Crescent No. 19 travels from New York's Penn Station to New Orleans' Union Passenger Terminal. The return route is also run daily by the Crescent No. 20. The two pass each other in the vicinity of Concord, NC. And while the passengers may completely unaware of the fact, for a little under six and a half minutes, they are touring Pell City, Alabama.

Many of the residents here may be equally unaware. Passenger trains are not well travelled in America, the trains don't stop here, and there are many more freight trains which ride the same rails through town.

I have ridden this train three times, twice passing through Pell City. It is a great ride and I recommend it to all.

Hola, when I have been to Alabama I have never seen a passenger train... pell city must be in the north of alabama right?
Yes, kenospunkt, the North East quadrant. The Crescent passes through on its run between Birmingham, AL and Atlanta, GA.
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