Thursday, September 01, 2005



I would like to dedicate this space to those suffering through the effects of Hurricane Katrina which struck the Florida on Aug 25 and the US Gulf Coast on Aug 29. I have no photograph to post for this event, but the following observations.

We have seen numerous caravans of electrical repair trucks passing by on the interstate. Our prayers go with them. The most remote licence plate I saw on those trucks was from Pennsylvania.

An estimated 100 people who were displaced by the storm are currently staying in the Pell City area. Several local organizations are preparing free meals for these neighbors. Tonight the First Baptist Church of Pell City is providing meals at 6:00 PM. Friday at Noon the Eden West Side Baptist Church will providing meals. Friday at 5:00 PM The Shack restaurant is providing meals at the Hampton Inn.

The city of Pell City is collecting non-perishable food items, bottled water, and supplies at City Hall, at the Civic Center, and at Kigroe Funeral Home for shipment to the Louisiana/Mississippi area.
Karen Stocks is also coordinating the collection of items for delivery this weekend.

Personal: As my mother was raised in a large family in Baton Rouge, some of my extended family are included in the number who have had extensive property loss. My brother's son has left his home in New Orleans with no forseable plans to return. I was very, very thankful to see him unharmed as he passed through this week.

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