Friday, December 16, 2005


N33° 35.174', W86° 17.164'

Today's picture (over there on the left) is quite an ugly map of Alabama showing the location of Pell City relative to the Interstate Highway System in the state. That's I-65 running North through the middle. Pell City is on I-20. I-20 and I-59 both cross I-65 in Birmingham, just West of Pell City, then I-20 and I-59 are combined West of Birmingham until they separate again in Meridian, Mississippi. I-85 starts at I-65 in Montgomery and goes East to Georgia. Last, but not least, there is a little bit of I-10 running along the Gulf Coast and through Mobile.

Ok, so those are lousy directions. If you want to drop a bowl of petunias or a very surprised looking sperm whale on us, just use the coordinates shown in the title above.

i grew up in pell city and now live in south carolina. i get homesick sometimes and look pell city info on the web(not much out there). it was nice to find your blog. i'll keep an eye on it. thanks!
So where are you? I'm missing my daily picture!
I agree....where are you?
I am still having camera issues. Thanks for checking on me.
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