Thursday, January 05, 2006


Yee Haw

Your inconsistent photoblogger recently celebrated a birthday ending with 0. The party was a blast and I wish you all had been there. At one point in the evening Randy, Bob, Lynn and Randall came over to play and sing some great Bluegrass. I admit, I don't know many Bluegrass titles, but it is always fun to listen to, especially when performed by talented musicians such as these Pell City folks.
Thanks to my favorite photographer for throwing the party and for taking this picture for me.
Added 1/23/2006: experiment:

Looks like a blast!
Happy birthday and a perfect photo (I'm imagining) for Pell City!
It's only missing a banjo! I could bring mine along but not sure I have the outfit.
michael, we could loan you something. They told me they usually have a banjo, but he was working that evening.
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