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As I predicted last July, the Interstate Highway through Pell City is now open with six lanes. Drivers are barreling through at break-neck speeds, even though the posted speed limit is still just 55 (that's 88 for those of you who use the simpler, more logical, more international and, apparently, shorter system of measurement).

I love this perspective. Were you on the overpass when you took it?
Yes, and there is no walkway. I was in a narrow space between the road and the guard rail. Fortunately, the taffic on the overpass was moving slowly.
Nice shot. Alabama is looking sweet. Is your camera on the fritz again, or did you choose B&W? It actually looks good in B&W>
Sounds like a dangerous shot to take! Thanks for doing it! There's good emphasis on the truck coming our way from the perspective and the truck's big shadow. I can't stop looking at this photo!

Manuel, Thanks, I hope I wasn't overly dramatic. I was thinking, however, that there should be a sidewalk. On the Southside of the Interstate is my old neighborhood, called Mill Village. There are a number of families there with only one car or maybe none. On the North side of the Interstate is the Wal-mart. I am a little envious of those of you who live where walking is accepted as normal.

Rob, it's the camera. I am looking to replace it soon. All the same, I wish I had the eye to know when to shoot in B&W. Maybe I'll experiment and you folks can let me know when I get it right.
Oh, I think this photo is great in B&W! There are a few "rules", but the first thing to do is to ask yourself what the color brings to the photo, if the answer is "nothing particular", then B&W it is.

If you have a digital camera, shoot everything in color and decide later.


PS: I think the yee haw photo would have worked nively in B&W for a number of reasons, but it could have helped give the stool less emphasis. Maybe try it on that one and we'll see.
Thanks for the comments. I posted the B&W from Jan 05. I don't know. Maybe when I get more color photos to work with...
I just saw the B&W. I like it better than the color... but what do you think?

55mph is for big girls
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