Wednesday, February 15, 2006


CEPA Outside

Due to ongoing construction, this is all that most people get to see of the new Pell City High School Center for Education and Performing Arts (C.E.P.A.). However, thanks to help from our own Mayor Adam Stocks, you will get a sneak peak at the inside over the next two days. Before I knew what it was, I took this picture.

The South wing houses the basketball stadium and the North wing is home to a new theater. The Grand Openning is currently scheduled for April 23. So, if you are in the area, mark your calendars. Me, I'm looking forward to watching Atticus Finch do right when the school performs To Kill A Mockingbird this Spring.

hey that was a FAST return on my request! THANKS!
looks so nice!
we never even imagined a drama club at PCHS when i was sad...
probably won't make it to the play, but next time i'm in town i'll certainly do a drive by!
Nice looking high school. Great that the kids are going to have a place for sports and drama.
The CEPA should be in regular use well before the end of April. There may be other opportunities to visit.

I agree, and I recently found out that the theater will host professional productions, too.
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