Saturday, February 04, 2006


Tree City

Pell City has been a Tree City for ten years. This recognition by the Arbor Day Foundation demonstrates that Pell City has committed certain resources, such as money and ordinances, to the care of the community's trees. The benefits can include better educational materials, better public peception of the city and attention when grant monies are allocated. In Alabama, Arbor Day lasts for a week the last full week of February.
Thanks to KEP for the picture.
Thanks to J. Sterling Morton for founding Arbor Day.
Thanks to Richard M. Nixon for making the last Friday in April the Natinal Arbor Day.

You're back!!!!!!!!
i realize you might not do request, BUT i'd really like to see how that fine arts center(or whatever they are calling it) turned out at the high school- just a suggestion :)
Yep, Pell City is back! And in colors!

I appreciate everyone's help and ideas. You, in particular, probably know Pell City better than I do. I drove past the center today and still saw construction equipment, but I believe I heard about an upcoming grand openning. I'll try soon to get some shots.

eric and Manuel,
Thanks so much for sticking with me. I promise better attention starting now.
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