Tuesday, March 07, 2006



I went to the Pell City library to do some research on area history. Let me tell you, not everything can be found on the world wide web. Tomorrow, I will show you something I found.

Great picture that..

Busy..me ... *blushes*

I guess I am..sometimes the strain gets to me, but photography should help :)
they're all labeled the same.. how do you find what you're looking for...?
True, I have the same question with Nicola...but interesting photo, sometimes we just don't notice small things can be interesting...well, for me, not until i started my blog...
can't wait for that!
Yasser, thanks, i have confidence in you.

nicola and lisi, I would like to say 'It does not matter what I find because it is all interesting' but I have to say 'I was looking for something particular, so I asked the librarian' :)

~marie, I don't think I'll surprise you. Let me know if you have another suggested photo.
Actually no, they're not all the same. I see little roman numerals under each title. I love this shot of history taking a picture of history, etc. Really cool and unique.
good eye michael.
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