Thursday, March 09, 2006


PO Box

While we're on the topic, I have a box in the (newer) Pell City Post Office. Just in case someone wants to send me some Belgian chocolates or something.

LOL! Why settle for Belgian chocolates when you could have fois gras, champagne, or camembert cheese from France? Great photo of a true American institution!
Hey! Cool site. I graduated from PCHS two years ago and am now at Auburn University. Unfortunetly, Eric, I don't think you can directly ship champagne to Alabama unless it goes to a bar or restaraunt.
eric, as if your pictures are not temptation enough. Sure I'll take a case of each, but taylor is right, so mark the champagne: "souvenirs."

taylor: War Eagle! Let me know if you have a photo request of PC. By the way, you are the same year as Dr. Pep, who is a personal friend of mine. If you speak to him, tell him I said "Hi."
I don't think I'm the same year as Dr. Pep, but I've heard of him. I think he put a table out on the concourse here at Auburn with big sign that said "Meet Dr. Pep $0"
oh i'm sorry, that was a HINT. and i only discover it now :)
anytime. taking belgian chocolates orders starting now!
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