Friday, March 17, 2006


Tanks for the Memories

I was lucky to see these tanks making their way through Pell City last week. This is not an every day sight here. We don't use very many of this style tank in PC. Besides, judging from their irregular shape, don't think they would hold much liquid even if filled to the top.

Since you seem to be joking about the name chosen for these assault vehicles, I shall tell you where it came from. During WWI the British Royal Army was working on the firts so-called 'tanks.' It was so top-secret that they told parliament that they were building water carriers, thus the name 'tank.' It's amazing what you can learn on the History Channel!
You are so right about me, taylor, and I have learned something from you today. Thanks.
Geez is there a war somewhere near you?
cool shot!
lisi, no, we are mostly exporters :(
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