Wednesday, March 08, 2006


US Post Office

I've had this picture for a few weeks, but I wanted to get some info to go with it. This is the old Cropwell Post Office. Cropwell is the unincorporated community on the South side of Pell City. The Post Office was first established here in 1833. According to the St Clair Historic Development Commission, the building pictured here was built in 1929 by Postmaster Dr James Turner. His Post Office was on the right, and his pharamacy was on the left.

Kind of makes you wonder, if you were late on your pharmacy bill payments, could you tell the doctor, the check is in the mail?
Thanks to AS for the tip.

so charming, you know I like the convenience and rush of the city but when I want to rest and unwind, a quite and charming small town is best.
I agree---and there is nowhere like "small town" America--very cool.Thanks for linking me pcpod.
i must of driven past that place every day for 14 years-i knew that it was an old post office, but i never knew that about the pharmacy...
U mean the post office and pharmacy were handled by the same person? Doesn't matter, this is a very special post office...have never seen one like that before
Thanks, folks.
~marie, there are small signs by the doors that I should have posted. I'll do that Friday.
lisi, most of what I know about this building I read in one line of a history book. However, I have been to several places where the Post Office was "inside" another business. I do not know how many like that are still here.
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