Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Things are looking up

We had a Tornado Warning in Pell City today, and, so, well,
this is what it looks like from inside an underground storm shelter looking back up at the entrance.

Yikes. Looks unappetizing somehow.
It is great to see your blog. I live in PC too.

Can I link you site to my blog. I am sure other PC folks would love this too.

Karen W.
luggi, thanks for stopping by. there are a few stray leaves to sweep up, but the inside can be better than the outside at times.

karen, you may. I have visited your site several times and I think you are doing a good job there. I guess this is a good time for me to put up some local links; I'll link to you, too, if that's OK. We (mostly you-know-who) homeschooled also, but that is behind us now. Hang in there.
All I can think of is "Auntie Emme, Auntie Emme...", but I imagine it wasn't as nice in Kansas.
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