Sunday, July 23, 2006



The blueberries have been very good this year, and I have have been fourtunate to get blue berries without having to pick them myself, although that can be fun, too. I think these were picked just off of HWY 231 on Easonville Rd. I highly recommend you try to get some. They taste great, a cup of raw blueberries has only 83 calories and it is about the best source of antioxidants you can find.

Thanks to KEP for the photo and for picking the berries.

yum! when we picked them we ate a gallon in less than a week!
I believe it. You know I didn't like blueberries when I was younger, but now, I love 'em.
I have such fond memories of picking blueberries in Maine when I travelled there... a few years back. Thanks for the mouth-watering picture!
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