Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Oh those wonderful kids in their floating machines

OK, I like gadgets. So this was my favorite boat at the Cardboard Boat Regatta. The paddles on the sides of the boat are made entirely of PVC including the pedals inside. It was quite surprising how well the paddles worked considering that they are round and not flat. I believe that this was the fastest boat of the day. Unfortunately, it is a little complicated to operate and so it did not beat its competitor. Once the young sailor got it out and away from the rope, he took off!

I could see how it might work if the PVC pipes had open ends. If the water went into the pipes then it would anchor the pipes to the water, giving them a better "bite."
This was my favorite also.
Rob, I had to see it to believe it. There are creative people out there.

KEP, thanks for the vote, hope to see you there next year.
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